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The toll free telephone number for Paychex sales is 800-294-8418. Contact Paychex payroll and HR outsourcing for a risk free trial. New customers are able to test full service payroll provided by Paychex at no obligation. Small business payroll and human resources outsourcing allows business owners to focus on expanding their company elsewhere. Individuals can gain additional time and finances to allocate into other projects and business goals. Speak with a Paychex full service payroll sales specialist when you call the telephone number toll free. Outsourcing solutions provided by Paychex include Payroll, taxes, human resources, health insurance, and 401k. Save time on filing complex and tedious paperwork by subscribing to Paychex outsourcing and small business solutions. Small business owners that choose to outsource can save money by freeing payroll budget. Hire Paychex to handle your taxes and employee paychecks for a fraction of the cost when compared to hiring a human resources department internally. Third party payroll processing through Paychex is guaranteed accurate every time. Speak with a small business payroll specialist for a free quote at no cost or obligation. Business owners can begin a free trial of Paychex full service payroll at no expense.

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